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The Indian River Kayak Bike Biathlon, in conjunction with the Top of Michigan Trails Council, has been supporting the Burt Lake Trail over the past 6 years. We hope to continue that tradition this year, even though the race couldn’t happen.   

Lots has been happening with the But Lake Trail this year. If you haven’t visited the new portion opened this spring, it’s worth a look. It’s a beautiful paved section running through UM Biological Station property along Riggsville Road, adjacent to the “gorge” area (we call this Phase 2, and Phase 1 is the shoulder along West Burt Lake Road).  The next phase of the project, Phase 4, is paved road shoulders along East Burt Lake Road is being finished as we speak. See our previous post about the trail HERE.

In 2021 we need to “fill in the gap” between phases 2 and 4 by completing Phase 3, which is where East Burt Lake Road and connects with the finished road shoulders starting at Birchfield Rd. Once Phase 3 is complete you’ll be able to ride from Maple Bay to Hoppies (and beyond) all on the Burt Lake Trail! For more detailed information and history of the trail click HERE.

Even if you haven’t participated in the race before, you can still purchase a shirt and help support the trail. Thank you for supporting the Burt Lake Trail!


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