Fournier Tip of the Mitt Tour

Trina and Daniel Fournier embark on Tip of the Mitt Tour

Trail System Greatly Enjoyed by Mother and Son

My 13 year-old son and I embarked on his first bike tour last summer. He called it the “Tip of the Mitt Tour.” We primarily traveled the trail system and patched in a few roads when necessary. Our trip began at our home in Hayes Township. We rode from the maple woods down to beautiful Lake Michigan at Bay Shore where we connected with the trail system. Daniel and I cycled the bike path to Mackinaw City for our first night camping at the KOA which is conveniently close to the trail system.



The next morning we filled our empty stomachs with pasties in Mackinaw City and connected with the North Central State Trail to travel around to the East side of the State through Cheboygan. We pitched our tent for the second night near Topinabee. The next morning we enjoyed a hearty breakfast in Indian River and headed back across the state to Petoskey and back to Bayshore and then home.

Neither my son or I wanted the trip to end. We dreamed out loud of riding all summer from one town to another and we talked about the possibility of riding across the United States. I think my son is hooked. Being on a bicycle allowed us to meet many curious and friendly people that we would not have had an opportunity to talk with otherwise. Northern Michigan became a much larger space and the slower speed enabled us to see, smell and hear things that had gone unnoticed passing by in a car at 55 mph. The most difficult part was dealing with traffic as we threaded our way back across state to Petoskey. It would be wonderful to have a safe cross state connection. Thank you for such a wonderful trail system.


Trina Fournier