Our mission is to advocate for and facilitate the development and maintenance of a safe, multi-use, year-round recreational trail system in Northern Michigan; and to promote the maintenance and use of these trails for the benefit of all.


Word is out – our trails our great! The amount of people pedaling, running and rolling along the trails is fun to see, but it comes with more congestion. Check out our Trail Safety video to ensure everyone has a great time out on the trails.

Ric Loyd

Through Pedaling with a Purpose, we share the joy of biking with area 4th graders. This field trip pedaling trip along the North Western State Trail combines fitness, science and history of our beautiful area.


One of the best ways to view the upcoming fall colors is by trail. Head out by bike or foot to watch the leaves change. Need help deciding which trail to visit, or want more information on our trail system? View our trail list.

Thank you to our sponsors.