An Outdoor Update at the Packy Offield Trail Center

Executive Director, Brent Bolin, with Ric and Lisa Loyd and members of Ironwood Construction

Since the Packy Offield Trail Center opened in 2015, the Top of Michigan Trails Council witnesses firsthand the tremendous amount of use of the area’s trail system. Throughout the crazy summer of 2020, the number of individuals and families using them skyrocketed. The trend is continues, as everyone wants to be out-of-doors to enjoy the trails with family and friends. It has made local residents and visitors alike appreciate this gift we share in Northern Michigan.

This trend made us realize the time has come to enhance the Packy Offield Trail Center complex, our offices and information center, located on M-119, just north of the US 31 intersection. As more people use trails, the more important the Trail Center is becoming. The iconic stone building with its magnificent greenspace has the potential to be a gathering spot for trail users: for relaxation, for meeting friends and for learning more about the fabulous system of biking and walking trails.

This project, known as The Founders’ Terrace Project, is the brainchild of Lisa Huffman Loyd, the daughter of Huffy and Jane Huffman, who 26 years ago, were just two of the original founders and supporters of The Top of Michigan Trails Council. “I wanted to celebrate the forethought of my parents and many others who worked so diligently to create this wonderful asset for our community,” said Loyd, a Petoskey resident.

The site plan, generously developed by landscape architect, Don Leary, shows the exciting multipurpose ideas created for this greenspace, including picnic tables and benches, a meeting room, and an information area to be staffed by volunteers. The displays will allow visitors to learn more about TOMTC and trails they might use for their next adventures. The beauty of the area will be enhanced, and the amenities increased. For residents and visitors alike, who are rooted in this area, this gift to our community is something which will appeal to us all.