Tribute gifts benefit Northern Michigan trails

By making tribute gifts to the Trails Council you are not only enhancing trails in Northern Michigan, you are recognizing the honoree in a very special way. Thank you for your support! A complete list of tribute gifts (Fall 2017) follows.

Gifts were given in honor of: By:
Steve Biggs Maeve & Theo Ellison
John Gravlin & Tracy Hardin Jeffrey Moore
Jeannie Hylant & Tom McHugh Lucy Lambert
Greg Maurer
Karen Langs Noel Bufe & Mary Tyson
Donna Moll Margo Hodder
Bill Prall James & Carolyn Cloutier
Harbor Point Association
Jim Schroeder David and Marcie Schroeder
Gifts were given in memory of:
Betty Stone Jeffrey & Karen Hamal
Paul Janness Paul and Denise Janness
Bud Laughlin Lynn Laughlin
Cecil Swartzentruber Mary Jane Swartzentruber
Dree Lo Ron & Maureen Ronquist
Fred Fettis Lois Fettis
Ernie Sarosi Earl & Sherry Bash
Gail Stormzand Mark Stormzand
Russ Langs Ron & Donna Snyder
Sally Carlin Phil Carlin
Keith Lamkin Max & Mary Putters
Milton Anderson Daniel & Jeannean Verburg
Neal McCue David Montgomery
Gary & Deborah Cooper
Helen Meengs Richard & Anne Darga
   (gifts since 9/23/17) Balky & Patti Grannis
William & Marla Hoffmann
Dennis & Mary Jason
Dan & Judy Maatman
Dan & Carol McDonnell
William Meengs, Sr
David & Cathy Meyer
Frank & Carol Ronan
Greg & Cathy Vandenacre
Brian & Gina Wittenberg